Fascinating Discoveries & Challenges

Do you find it's exciting to see how the most famous supercars, motorcycles, airplanes, space vehicles and submarines are built in their origin factories, in Europe and USA? Or what happens in a power plant? How metals are extracted and melt? Or how traditional wares and foods are produced, and even more: experience it yourself too? Did you ever regret you still didn't visit in your travels certain laboratories, museums, industrial heritage sites or architecture and public art works you knew about? Can you imagine the engineering creative artistic common core of all these? Or even taking part with your own ideas in open innovation challenges, with rewards for your participation and opportunities of substantial earnings in case of successful solutions?

If so, then we are the fit ones to solve it! We are a team of technology professionals, travel and art lovers, offering advisory and organizing the best such experiences, in workshops and custom tailored trips, tours, crafts-leisure vacations, assuring faultless logistics, safety and comfort, even vintage, luxurious conditions if requested.

Our Special Approach - Our offers, contests, prizes, attractions monograph, creative workshop, interdisciplinary presentations, innovation platform or online resources facilitate learning and experiencing the frontier of creating art, engineering, open innovation and travel, with a practical and philosophical approach for all of these. If you are tempted by an (engineering) open innovation challenge, we support and reward your courage, curiosity, creativity, ideas, team, and we can collaborate technically too.

Get also inspired by travelling with us: just consider a theme and a destination from one of our industrial-cultural tours, and together, we'll explore concrete opportunities that fascinate you most. Your custom tailored (free independent or small group) tour can be combined with arts & crafts vacations in less urbanized places, enjoying nature, possible in agritourism or wine farms, to get to know the local people and experience, starting from innovation cases or artistic workshops to soft farm activities, caring for animals, cooking, horse riding, wood crafts, locksmith, machine tools, welding, popular arts, pottery, embroidery, up to bicycle tours in cities or nature, motorsport drive tests and many other soft adventures like helicopter or balloon flights, submarine dives, airboat rides and amusement parks.

Outstanding Support - our team speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Romanian. The website is presented in English, assumed as universal for our public. We also welcome independent collaborators worldwide.