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Industrial Tours

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Mining, Industry and Post-communist Transition in South Western Romania

The tour highlights some representative industries of the area and their contemporary decay or adaptation: gold and coal mining, metallurgic, railway, heavy machinery, energetic, marble extraction. (Historically they are tied to the Austrian administration and industrial expansion here since the XVIIIth century to the World War I. Romania's communist economic excesses and post-communist difficult transition brought for many of these industrial capacities a painful metamorphosis in surrealistic ruins.

Europe Supercars Factories Tour

Factory tours and/or museums in Italy's Motor Valley at Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati, Maserati; in Austria and Germany at Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Zeppelin, Dornier, Swarowski Crystals; drive test on the Monza raceway, Zeppelin NT flight at Friedrichshafen; Neuschwanstein's and Ludwigsburg's palaces.

New York - Washington DC Industrial Tour

In New York - a Helicopter Tour, Ferry Trip, the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, the Paterson Great Falls Heritage Park, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum, the Steamtown Railway Heritage (train ride), the Pocono Raceway (drive test), in Philadelphia - the Zoo, the Simeone Race Cars Museum, the Submarine and Ship Heritage, the Wallops Island NASA Flight Facility, in Baltimore - the National Aquarium, the Railroad and the Maritime Museum, in Washington DC - the Capitol, the Pentagon, the White House, the Smithsonian NASA Center, the C&O Canal, in York PA - the Harley Davidson Factory Tour.

Germany's Industrial Tour

Drive test at Nurburgring, factory tours at VW Wolfsburg, Airbus Hamburg, Moto BMW Berlin, Porsche Leipzig, Potsdam's palaces, museums, heritage sites and modern architecture.

Central Europe Industrial Tour

Hungaroring drive test, factory tours and/or museums at Audi Gyor, VW Bratislava, Vienna Waste Incineration Plant, Voest - Alpine Steel Works, Skoda, Tatra in Czech Republic; Auschwitz - WWII Holocaust, heritage sites and more.

Romania - Bulgaria, Industry and Popular Tradition

Visit some of the biggest places in Europe: the virgin forest near Resita, the Parliament Building in Bucharest, the 2200 MW Iron Gates Hydro Power Station on Danube, a short boat cruise in the area; visit other attractions: the 1860 built Oravita Anina mountain railway by train, the 1771 Resita Steel Works, the 166 m high Vidraru Dam, the world famous Brancusi Sculptural Ensemble in Targu Jiu, the Ocnele Mari Salt Cave, the Horezu popular ceramics workshops, the monasteries in Romania's South Subcarpatians; viisit Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, a rose oil factory and the Kozlodui Nuclear Power Plant.

Romanian Transylvania and Moldavia

Some incredible world's best attractions: Salina Turda Salt Mine, considered recently the coolest artificial underground place on the Earth, the Cricova winery, the biggest in the world, with over 100 km of underground galleries, the Rosia Montana mining area, some mountain narrow railways with steam locomotives; the Corvin castle, the prince of Wales' rural properties from Viscri, the Bran Castle, the famous outside painted Bucovina's monasteries, the historic cities of Cluj, Sibiu (European Capital of Culture in 2007), Sighisoara (UNESCO), Brasov, Chisinau, Iasi, Suceava.

America's Motor City Tour

In and around Chicago: contemporary architecture and art, the Cloud Gate, the Fermi Nuclear Laboratory, the Harley Davidson factory tour and museum, the Railway and Motor Homes Museum in Elkhart. In Detroit: the Ford Rouge factory tour, the Model T Heritage Complex, the GM Renaissance Center, the Miami and Erie Canal, around Toledo and Dayton, the Boyer Museum Ship, a drive test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indiana Central Canal.