Open Innovation Challenges

Open Innovation Challenges with Prizes

Are you a student, professional or just passionate about one of the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics or even art) branches? Would you be provoked to "experience" a real innovation challenge, creating, managing it, and being rewarded by VisitFactories according to the number and implication of the supporters - collaborators you can attract and lead? It is "free" and, even more: just participating you can win a 6 days excursion. Don't be afraid of "technically" failing, just take your chance to succeed and help the beneficiary find a solution, with a chance of winning his more substantial reward and distributing it to your team!

Are you surprised by the connection of all these with the arts or with travel through VisitFactories? It is true that for innovating and bringing the new and better in the real world (business, market), you have to be very well educated, to know a lot of things about the "slice of world" you want to change, but equally to be creative, human (art), to get a certain insight, detachment and let you be inspired.

What you see travelling, helps you understand what you didn't see.
J. Bettisch

We would like to add that the VisitFactories' approach of "Blending Engineering, Art & Travel" serves well for all these purposes. Also, you have to be aware that presently the world changes and communicates so quickly, that you, even if prepared, won't be able to find the best solutions exclusively alone and detached from the open innovation trend.

Do you realize what have you to gain from VisitFactories and equally VisitFactories from you? It is a win - win partnership. We are IT, economics and mechanical engineering professionals with our own backgrounds (we have our own patents, PhDs, knowledge about intellectual property laws, are passionate about art and travel). We facilitate, advise (for free) and optionally collaborate with you to "experiment" real innovation (for a small percentage of the reward the beneficiary is offering, and only if you win it). You prepare and build for your (future) career and benefit from our assistance and prizes, possibly with more substantial rewards too. In exchange, all you have to do is tell your audience and peers about us, implicitly about our offers and approach in innovation, engineering, art and travel, by simply taking part in our related contest, as follows:

Phases and recommendations for students:

1. According to your preference, knowledge, and background, you choose a theme you think that you can approach and (partially) solve. It may be from one of the many open innovation platforms (see resources) from the web or even one of your own – for instance, a frugal innovation necessity of your (local) community.

2. Explore that theme through what you already know, further informing yourself, and why not, by the means of what your person feels and can express about it - an artistic approach too. Try to analyze and synthesize all these aspects, to see your strengths and the still uncovered aspects, to plan and search collaboration.

3. Try to build and tell "your story" about who you are and what (why, how) are you going to do. Complete and adjust this story when finding and associating with other partners (which could be us as well).

4. Post this story according our contest rules and participate.

5. Also use the submitted story to openly collect new ideas, opinions and feed-back (ideation, games - see resources) for your project, funnelling them according to your established strategy and purpose. Start with your own audience, peers and collaborators, and eventually think of enlarging this basis and targeting other key groups.

6. Define your team and goals and start working.


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