Industrial Tourism Attractions

Industrial Tourism Attractions in Romania

The "Dimitrie Leonida" National Technical Museum, Bucharest

Here are exposed some of the Romanian's top inventions: the insulin, the pen, Traian Vuia's first man-carrying monoplane, Coanda's jet plane, Persu's aerodynamic automobile, among many other historic steam, combustion and electric machinery.
Other similar museum: The "Stefan Procopiu" Science and Technical Museum, Iasi, which is representative for the field of energetics.

The National Military Museum, Bucharest

Was founded in 1923 by king Ferdinand. Besides the rich collections of uniforms and weapons displayed in different pavilions, a delight for the passionates about military history and related artifacts, the main exhibition of the museum is a thorough run through Romanian history, from the Antiquity to the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

The Oil Museum, Ploiesti

1857 was the year in which Romania recorded three world firsts: it was the first country recorded in international statistics with an officially registered oil production of 275 tonnes; Ploiesti saw the building of the first oil refinery in the world by the Mehedinteanu brothers and Bucharest was the first town in the world to have public illumination by means of kerosene lamps.

The Clock Museum, Ploiesti

Unique in Romania, was opened in 1963 and is hosted in a superb manor built in the end of the 19th century. The wonderful works of horology are, often, not only the products of well-known horologers, but of men of art as well, who contributed in the way that they made the clocks as attractive as they could, creating even new styles in this domain. The oldest of the clocks is dated 1562. The collection contains a significant number of exemplars that had been created at Swiss, French, German, English or American firms in the 19th and the 20th centuries and musical boxes too.

The Gold Museum, Brad

Inside the Gold Museum in Brad there are the most valuable five pounds of gold in the world, because the gold one can see here looks exactly as when it was raised from the depths.