Industrial Tourism Attractions

Industrial Tourism Attractions in Hungary

The Museum of Electrotechnics Budapest

The museum showcases Hungary's pioneering role in electrical engineering, including Hungarian inventions, like the first electric motor (Ányos Jedlik) and generators for electric locomotives (Kálmán Kandó). The museum's permanent exhibits include neon signs, a collection of early electrical household items, various lighting technologies and more. A former 1930s Bauhaus-style transformer station houses the museum. By appointment, the visitors can participate in an irregular physics class, where a physicist presents different experiences with the help of the audience.

Pannon Csillagada (Observatory, Planetarium)

It is situated in town of Bakonybél. The main attractions of the 800 square meters center are the digital planetarium, the telescope park, and the astronomy and space research exhibitions.
Another Planetarium is located in Budapest and has star shows as well as 3D films and cartoons. It also houses the popular Laser Theatre.

Rubik Cube Museum Budapest

The Rubik's Cube is the symbol of the Hungarian intellectual spirit and the Government is confident that the new Rubik's Cube Museum will become the symbol of the Hungarian renaissance in the 21st century. The construction of the Rubik's Cube shaped museum begun on the 40th anniversary of the invention in 2014, which is also the 70th birthday of the inventor, Rubik Erno, a designer, architect and university professor from Budapest. The museum opens to the public in 2017 next to the Rákóczi Danube bridge in Budapest. The Museum of Applied Arts also hosts a collection of puzzle blocks and  games, including the Rubik's Cube and many other variations on a similar theme.

The Foundry Museum Budapest

Is housed in the Ganz Machine Works foundry that was in use until the 1960s, and the massive ladles and cranes were preserved, anxiously awaiting employment. The exhibits also include cast-iron stoves, bells and street furniture.

The Gas Museum of Budapest

It is an exhibit of the 150 year old history of gas supply in Budapest and is located in a still active provider of continuous gas services.