Industrial Tourism Attractions

Industrial Tourism Attractions in Hungary

Zwack Distillery Kecskemét

Offers tours for visiting the former distillery and the new production unit. Highlights include the bottling line, an exhibition that displays old documents, and a variety of objects related to alcohol production, various old tools, relics and containers. The exhibition allows guests to get acquainted with the history of the Zwack family and their most famous drink, the 200 year-old Unicum, and also their Kecskemét Apricot Pálinka.
There are many distilleries providing visits and/or tasting programs. Some other locations include: Szoltvadkert, Ujszilvas and Etyek.

Disznókő Winery in Mezőzombor, Tokaj-Hegyalja

First growth dated 1732, owned by aristocratic families, and part of the World Heritage Site of Tokaj declared in 2002, the vineyards have always been sought-after due to their supreme quality. The size of the estate is  150 hectares, being one of the biggest in the area. Spectacular is the semicircular, modern building, where the tractor garage is located.  A few buildings from the 18th century are housing an excellent restaurant today. The visitors are guided through the vineyards and through the processing area where they get an informative presentation on the history of the wine region, the winery and the production of Tokaji Aszú.
Many other wineries can be visited in the Tokaj region (in Mad) and in other wine areas in the country: Etyek-Buda, Szekszárd, Villány.

Eco Farm in Hajduszabaszlo

In the animal park, the guests can take a close look at native Hungarian domestic animals and may take part in the daily chores as well if they wish. There are Mangalica swine, grey cattle, cows, hens, roosters, horses, guinea fowl, donkeys, long wooled "e;Racka"e; sheep, geese and ducks as well. They can keep track of the growth of the animals all year round; one or more new creatures arrive each season: a calf is born, chickens hatch at Easter, sweet stripe-back Mangalica porklings, Racka lambs, or a little donkey are born.

Horse Riding

Hungary is an ideal destination for this leisure and there aren't many countries that offer such a wide range of opportunities. Horse farms are spread all across the country, offering fine horses, accommodation and riding courses all at once. The quality of services is monitored and the horse farms are rated by the Hungarian Horse Tourism Association, rewarding the best with symbolic horseshoes.

Paprika Farm

Is located in the heart of the traditional paprika-growing area of Szeged, South-Hungary. It is specialized in growing and processing Hungarian spice paprika: sweet and hot. It also runs a museum where it is displayed all the information there is to know about paprika, the past and the present.