Industrial Tourism Attractions

Industrial Tourism Attractions in Austria

The Technical Museum Vienna

The decision to establish a technical museum was made in 1908, construction of the building started in 1909 and the museum was opened in 1918. The permanent exhibition categories include: nature and knowledge (astronomy, principles, physics), heavy industry (mining, iron, steel), energy, mass production (luxury goods), everyday life (directions for use), communications and information media, musical instruments, transportation, basic research. A great adventure for everybody.

The Erzberg Adventure Mining Museum, Eisenerz

The converted heavy goods vehicle (Hauly 860 hp) takes visitors right into the middle of the largest surface mining of Central Europe. Starting from the valley of the small Styrian town Eisenerz, the ore mine rises like the steps of a huge pyramid, surrounded by majestic Alpine peaks. An underground tour is also provided.

The Atominstitut, Technical University of Vienna

The TRIGA Mark II reactor in the Viennese Prater is part of the Atominstitut. The institute was founded in 1958 as an inter-university institute for all Austrian universities and started operation in 1962, when the TRIGA Mark II research reactor of the institute was officially opened. Since that time, the reactor has defined a significant fraction of the research and teaching activities of the institute, including training for external partners.

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Laboratories in Seibersdorf

The IAEA Laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria have facilities that serve two major programmes: Nuclear Sciences and Applications (NA) and Safeguards (SG). The NA laboratories deal with: animal production and health, dosimetry, food and environmental protection, insect pest control, nuclear spectrometry and applications, plant breeding and genetics, soil and water management, and crop nutrition and terrestrial environment. The SG laboratories are the Nuclear Material Laboratory (NML) and the Environmental Sample Laboratory (ESL)