Industrial Tours

Romania - Bulgaria, Industry and Popular Tradition

Visit some of the biggest things in Europe: the virgin forest near Resita, the Parliament Building in Bucharest, the 2200 MW Iron Gates Hydro Power Station on Danube with a short boat cruise in the area, the 1860 built Oravita Anina mountain railway by train, the 1771 Resita Steel Works, the 166 m high Vidraru Dam, the world famous Brancusi Sculptural Ensemble in Targu Jiu, the Ocnele Mari Salt Cave, Horezu popular ceramics workshops and monastery, Tismana monastery in Romania's South Subcarpathians, Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, a rose oil factory and the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant

Bucharest - Veliko Tarnovo - Kazanlak - Plovdiv - Sofia - Kozloduy - Iron Gates (Danube) - Oravita - Anina - Resita - Timisoara - Herculane - Targu Jiu - Horezu - Curtea de Arges - Bucharest, 1900 km, requiring minimum 12 accommodations for a relatively intense visit and travel pace.

- included: transportation, 12 accommodations, 3 stars double Bed & Breakfast, detailed written indications and objectives description # or specialized guide ##
- not included: flights, airport transfers, entrance fees

- starting from €620 / person # (for 4 persons sharing a self driven hired small car, gas not included)
- starting from €740 / person # (for 2 persons sharing a self driven hired small car, gas not included)

- maximum 15 - 20 persons starting from €1300 / person ## (minibus)
- optional during the trip, for no additional charge, a session of one of our creative workshops

Possible correlation with arts & crafts vacations in Resita and Southern Oltenia.

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#   prices quoted include written trip advisory regarding the objectives and accommodations
## prices quoted include a specialized guide permanently accompanying the group