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Factory tours and/or museums in Italy's Motor Valley at Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati, Maserati; in Austria and Germany at Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Zeppelin, Dornier, Swarowski Crystals; drive test on Monza raceway, Zeppelin NT flight at Friedrichshafen, Neuschwanstein and Ludwigsburg palaces.

Munich - Neuschwanstein - Innsbruck - Verona - Bologna - Modena - Milan - Como - Bellinzona - Dornbirn - Friedrichshafen - Stuttgart - Munich, 1900 km, requiring minimum 12 accommodations, for a relatively intense visit and travel pace.
Group embarkations from Timisoara, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg also (+ 1900 km transit).

- included: transportation, 12 accommodations, 3 stars double Bed & Breakfast, detailed written indications and objectives description # or specialized guide ##
- not included: flights, airport transfers, entrance fees

- starting from €700 / person # (for 4 persons sharing a self driven hired small car, gas not included)
- starting from €900 / person # (for 2 persons sharing a self driven hired small car, gas not included)

- maximum 15 - 20 persons starting from €1450 / person ## (minibus)
- optional during the trip, for no additional charge, a session of one of our creative workshops

For more information, please check our services page or contact us for any questions.

#   prices quoted include written trip advisory regarding the objectives and accommodations
## prices quoted include a specialized guide permanently accompanying the group