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Romanian Transylvania and Moldavia

Some incredible world's best attractions: Salina Turda Salt Mine, considered recently the coolest artificial underground place on the Earth, the Cricova winery, the biggest in the world, with over 100 km of underground galleries, the Rosia Montana mining area, some mountain narrow railways with steam locomotives; the Corvin castle, the prince of Wales' rural properties from Viscri, the Bran Castle, the famous outside painted Bucovina's monasteries, the historic cities of Cluj, Sibiu (European Capital of Culture 2007), Sighisoara (UNESCO), Brasov, Chisinau, Iasi, Suceava.

Cluj - Turda - Campeni - Hunedoara - Alba Iulia - Sibiu - Sighisoara - Viscri - Brasov - Chisinau (Rep. Moldavia) - Iasi - Suceava - Cluj, 1600 km, requires minimum 10 accommodations for an intense visit and travel pace.

- included: transportation, 10 accommodations, 3 stars double Bed & Breakfast, detailed written indications and objectives description # or specialized guide ##
- not included: flights, airport transfers, entrance fees

- starting from €520 / person # (for 4 persons sharing a self driven hired small car, gas not included)
- starting from €620 / person # (for 2 persons sharing a self driven hired small car, gas not included)

- maximum 15 - 20 persons starting from €1100 / person ## (minibus)
- optional during the trip, for no additional charge, a session of one of our creative workshops

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#   prices quoted include written trip advisory regarding the objectives and accommodations
## prices quoted include a specialized guide permanently accompanying the group